Kent Zotter
RidgeLine Properties

You've come to the right place now that you've decided to research our area for your primary or second home. We are local experts and can provide the following services to enhance your search:

1. The Local Advantage - Be assured that you have agents with High Country knowledge working for you. We know the area and all of its amenities and are anxious to be your eyes and ears during and after your search.

2. Search - It's important to "work the local network." We can work together to identify the right property that best fits your needs and budget. You'll have access to our entire multiple listing system and that way we will both be on the same page moving forward.

4. Personal Touch - Our primary goal is to serve our clients. Our primary goal is to serve our clients. No, that's not a misprint it's a fact. Be assured that we will communicate in a timely manner to answer any questions you may have or to provide information about listings that meet your search criteria. Your telephone call is important and our goal is to answer before the third ring...try us!

5. Technology - Take advantage of our broad spectrum of technologies and tools to support the purchase of your home from start to close.